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Meet Our Feature!

What’s up guys, I’m Carlos Batista. Let me shed some light on who I am and where I come from. 

I was born in New York City in a place called Spanish Harlem (upper Eastside of Manhattan).

I am Hispanic (Puerto Rican and Dominican) and being from a Latin house I grew up around all types of different music and sounds. Those experiences really stuck with me and as I grew up I fell in love with dance, which only felt natural. As I began my journey into dance and art I was extremely fortunate to have been in the birthplace of Hip Hop (the boogie down the Bronx) and being totally and completely in loved with its culture. Which led me to meet and be mentored by some of the true legends of hip hop. 

From break dancing with some of the hip hop pioneers bboy, Richard "Crazy Legs" Colon, bboy Gabriel “Kwikstep” Dionisio and b-girl Ana 'RokafelIa' Garcia and the Black Eyed Peas. To djing with DJ Jam Master Jam, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince,  DJ Kool Herc and the legend Afrika Bambaataa, hip hop truly overcame my life and I evolved and became involved in all aspects of hip hop, from the graffiti to rocking the mic, its all love.

As I grew further into the arts I noticed the huge impact in people's lives and then that truly became the true joy of it all, to inspire the next person and to help them achieve something that they for sure thought was impossible. There’s something about that self-confidence boost. It not only brings hope with that confidence, but it also brings strength.

One of my main mantras and point that I love to push to myself and others is to seek discomfort. Yes, a new style or a new teacher or a movement or stunt might scare some but if you push threw the minor discomfort and push and grind you end up stronger then you knew you were and happier. 

I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Until class... your partner in dance

Carlos “Los” Batista  

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